A Spiritual Approach

Chinese Medicine and Family Constellations

The connection between Chinese Medicine and Family Constellations is spiritual. Both work with an energy field that is behind the pain, emotional suffering or feeling stuck in life.

Chinese Medicine works with the energy pathways of the body. When the flow of energy is interrupted, it can cause stagnation and might eventually lead to physical pain or other imbalances in the body/mind/soul.

lotus flowersFamily Constellations work with a “Knowing Field” that holds all the energetic information about our family and ancestors. Through this energetic field, unhealed suffering or trauma is often passed on for generations. Family Constellations bring these hidden dynamics to the light and help open our hearts towards the excluded and forgotten, so love can flow freely again.

It is through Meditation that we get in touch with these subtle but yet powerful energies of the body and the “Knowing Field”. When we focus our attention on any object for a long time, the object will start revealing itself as if it is “talking back to us”. It is then, that we access the energy pathways of the body and/or the Knowing Field of our family system.

Chinese Medicine and Family Constellations complement each other very well as both have the ability to heal far beyond the physical. Sometimes, the families and ancestors need to be healed first before the healing of the body/mind/soul can begin.

Healing with Chinese Medicine and Family Constellations is multi-dimensional as it transcends time and space. It brings a greater sense of well-being into all areas of our lives:

our bodies and souls,
our families and ancestors
any other socials systems we belong to.